lesen Training Library Patrons the Addie Way epub, pdf

lesen Training Library Patrons the Addie Way epub, pdf

Training Library Patrons the Addie Way

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Master of Applied Science (Information Studies) via distance education from Charles Sturt University, Australia 4. Has worked as a professional trainer for a library systems vendor 5. Editor of Temasek Polytechnic Library's quarterly newsletter 6. Coordinator of the Library's Information Literacy programme 7. Webmaster of the Library's website. Readership: Aimed at any library staff member who has to train library patrons. Contents: Introduction - brief history and outline of ADDIE Analysis: think about the trainees - learning styles, types of audience, motivation, attitudes Design: consider the objectives - lesson plans, problem-based learning, objectives and outcomes Development: create the course - using PowerPoint, MacroMedia Flash, HTML, graphics and sound Implementation: deliver the goods - attention grabbing, personal grooming, presentation techniques Evaluation: decide if it really worked - feedback, surveys, questionnaires Conclusion Appendices A survey of learning styles Lesson plans Bibliography of the instructional experience of other librarians

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